About Us

Webster Locksmiths is the largest provider of security products and services in the New York City Metropolitan area.

At Webster, we ensure the safety of hundreds of apartment complexes, commercial properties, and private homes throughout New York City.

The largest real estate owners and managers in New York depend on Webster including: Glenwood Management, Halstead Properties, Langsam Properties, and Pinnacle Management. In addition, these well-known businesses also rely on Webster: Hermes, Vera Wang, Applebee’s, McDonald’s, Fairway, and even The United Nations and Yankee Stadium!

The company was founded in 1949, when Mike and Ann Miller began selling housewares and hardware from their small shop on Webster Avenue in the Bronx. In 1964, their son Allan, seeing potential in locksmith services, joined the business.  Soon Webster Locksmiths had a key machine, a service van, and welding equipment.

Webster was well on its way when a third generation of Millers, David, was brought onboard as VP of Operations while Allan became the company’s CEO. David oversaw the design and construction of a fully-stocked retail and security super-store.

Webster maintains an established presence in the business community.  David is an active member of: The Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP), The Board of Governors of the Bronx Manhattan Association of Realtors, The Executive Association of New York City (EANYC), and The Associated Locksmiths of America.

Today Webster, still on Webster Avenue, is the leader in security products and services for the five boroughs of New York City. With 16,000 square feet of inventory and a team of over 50 uniformed service technicians and more than 40 vehicles, Webster continues to deliver the best security products and services.